Patio Heaters: Electric vs Propane vs Natural Gas 5/5 (1)

Patio Heaters - Electric vs Propane vs Natural Gas

Are yuo confused about the differences between Electrical, Propane and Natural Gas Patio Heaters? Read on for an explanation of the differences, advantages and disadvantages of each type!Once you know which type of heater is best for you, have a look at our patio heater reviews too! Table of Contents Patio Heater Types – ComparisonElectrical […]

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The Environmental Impact Of Leaf Blowers 4/5 (5)

Environmental Impact Of Leaf Blowers

Once summer is over & the leaves have fallen, you’ll need to get your leaf blower out of the shed and ready for action. You already know how much it saves your back, compared to raking up leaves by hand, but how much does your leaf blower hurt the environment?Carbon FootprintAccording to the California Air […]

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How To Use A Leaf Blower No ratings yet.

how to use a leaf blower

A leaf blower is a great help when maintaining your yard, garden, or lawn. Rather than scraping an ineffective rake along the ground, a leaf blower quickly and efficiently moves leaves and small debris with little effort. Read on and find out how to use a leaf blower.Keep Safety In MindFirst things first, it’s important […]

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  • Updated December 11, 2017
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