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The Environmental Impact Of Leaf Blowers 4/5 (5)

Environmental Impact Of Leaf Blowers

Once summer is over & the leaves have fallen, you’ll need to get your leaf blower out of the shed and ready for action. You already know how much it saves your back, compared to raking up leaves by hand, but how much does your leaf blower hurt the environment?Carbon FootprintAccording to the California Air […]

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The Best Garden Cultivators – 2018 No ratings yet.

Garden Tool Reviews

Garden cultivators are small tilling machines used for home gardens and small lawns. Cultivators till the soil, loosening and aerating them for planting seeds. Cultivators may also be used for killing weeds by uprooting them or covering their leaves, preventing photosynthesis. They’re a great help in maintaining your garden.So here are the 5 best garden cultivators/tillers:The […]

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